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    Genuine Honda Oxygen Sensor

    Oxygen O2 Sensor

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    We offer a full selection of genuine Honda Oxygen Sensors, engineered specifically to restore factory performance. Please narrow the Oxygen O2 Sensor results by selecting the vehicle.

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    About Honda Oxygen Sensor

    One of the smaller components of your emission system is your Honda's oxygen sensor. This sensor monitors the total amount of oxygen found in the exhaust stream of your motor, and then adjusts the fuel ratio so your vehicle will run at its fullest potential for the given load. After it determines the O2 levels it senses in the stream, it then dispatches the information to the ECU to employ specific alterations to the amount of fuel to deliver for your engine's air fuel ratio mixture. Most vehicles will simply have one oxygen sensor in the exhaust manifold, while others may have up to 3 sensors found there and in the catalytic converters.
    Removing and replacing an oxygen sensor is not extremely difficult, but with the right adapter tools, accessories and some patience, swapping it out will be a breeze. Unplug any associated electrical connectors on the sensor, use an O2 sensor socket adapter to remove the old one and prepare to install your new Honda oxygen sensor. So if your miles per gallon starts to drop off and your check engine warning light becomes lit with an oxygen sensor code thrown, your O2 sensor may be to blame.
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